Behind VA Shadows is a creative collaboration initiated by Visitor Assistants (VAs) who provide extraordinary educational service at the local contemporary art museum. Through providing a supportive platform for art museums’ staff, Behind VA Shadows incubates the creative conversation through artworks to push the possible institutional change. Our vision is to advocate for better working conditions for all museum workers.

We accept all kinds of work from anyone who worked/working in an art museum worldwide.

Current Featured Artist at 25/8 Artspace
Nat Reed - Bikes Move Us
2.11.22 - Raison D’etre
3.11.22 - Translation-Tessellation
4.8.22 - Pockets of Belief
6.1-6.17.22 - via*
9.20.22 - (un)Veil
11.18.22 - Unfolding
12.30.22 - Discipline of Sleep
2.1-4.16.23 - The Landscape of Our Minds*
6.19-8.25.2023 - Bikes Move Us | Nat Reed Solo Show *

*Live show