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Call for Art “A Plea To The Nine Muses” 

curated by Jeannie Dale 

About Curator : Dale is the Gallery Director and Curator at Leica Gallery Boston. She holds dual BFA’s in Art History and Painting. Former VA at the Institute of Contemporary Art. Co-curated “un(veiled)” for Behind VA Shadows.

From Curator Jeannie Dale:

A Plea To The Nine Muses Your favorite person, a butterfly at your window, the color green, a dream you had in middle school. An artist’s muse is a gravitational force that inspires one to create. In Ancient Greek mythology, the Nine Muses are Goddesses who preside over literature, the arts, and the sciences. To write poetry, paint, or theorize was to embody this source of divine knowledge. In this exhibition, we are seeking art that pays homage to your muse(s). A piece of art that feels as though it came directly from your source inspiration, your innate creativity. A piece of art that demanded to be made.

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Call for Solo Exhibit Proposals

at our 25/8 artspace in Harvard Sq (Rolling Basis)

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Behind VA Shadows 
is a creative collaboration initiated by Visitor Assistants (VAs) who provide extraordinary educational service at the ICA/Boston. Through providing a supportive platform for art museums’ staff, Behind VA Shadows incubates the creative conversation through artworks to push possible institutional change. Our vision is to advocate for better working conditions for all museum workers. We accept all kinds of work from anyone who worked/is working in an art museum worldwide.

We are located at the corner of Mass Ave and 2 Linden St, 02138, Harvard Sq in

2 Linden St, Harvard Sq in Cambridge, MA. A.